our story

about the designs
Mirage Metals is a collection of handmade jewelry and homewares inspired by the ever evolving landscapes of our planet, and the constantly shifting relationships between self and space. My designs take on forms inspired by geological formations, mineral textures, and our built environment. Objects and adornments to carve space for comfort in your canyon. Created in quality metals with thoughtfully sourced stones. 
about the process
Mirage Metals is committed to transparency and inspired by the metalsmithing processes used throughout time. Each piece is handmade in our Fort Collins studio using recycled silver and natural stones. I prefer designing as many of my own components as possible, like our ear wires. I curate our chains from trusted vendors and my selections are always made in USA or Italy.
My pieces are mostly hand fabricated, meaning they are measured, sawed, filed, soldered, and polished in my home studio, beginning as various thicknesses of sheet metals and wires. Certain pieces and components are brought to life using the ancient lost wax casting process. For these works, I first create models in beeswax, then drop them off with a local casting partner to be transformed into metal. I use a sustainable local beeswax instead of the synthetic waxes typical in jewelry production today. I believe these small details make an impact over time, and am proud to support other local businesses through the operation of my own whenever possible. By partnering with nearby suppliers we also cut down on extra carbon emissions created through shipping.
about the maker
As long as we've walked the planet, humans have been instictively drawn to the lore of stones and metals. We have always been captivated by their individuality and sentimental potential. Our designer & maker Jess collected rocks growing up, and without thinking much of it, began working at a crystal shop in college. Surrounded by giant amethyst towers and quartz-encrusted geodes, her interest in minerals was rekindled. Though her education was in interior design & architecture, Jess craved a change from the computer-heavy coursework and enrolled in a metalsmithing class in her final year, aligning with her renewed interest in stones. She continues to learn about new tools and techniques, and now explores ideas on a smaller scale through handmade object & jewelry design. 
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