plastic free packaging
Each order is carefully packaged to arrive on your doorstep with as little waste as possible. We use recycled and recyclable shipping supplies from EcoEnclose, which is a local Colorado business. We also reuse packaging from our own online purchases (and encourage you to do the same!). On the chance you ever see something plastic in there - rest assured that it was reused from another package. Each part of the shipping process has been considered - even the shipping labels, which are recycled, recyclable, and come on recyclable paper backing. Our business cards and print material are printed on recycled kraft paper. The cotton bags are made in USA, and can be used to store your jewelry.
about our metals
Most of my pieces are made with sterling silver. Studio scraps are collected and returned to be melted back into the supply stream. Our sterling silver chains are made in USA or Italy.
stone sourcing

The mining and cutting of stones can be a secretive and dangerous trade, bringing numerous environmental and ethical concerns. It is my intention to create pieces that treat people fairly along every point in the supply chain. Many of my current pieces include stones of untraced origin. It will be a process to transition to fully transparent stone sourcing, but an important one.

All current and future stone purchases are considered based on the traceability of mining and cutting, with preference to USA-mined stones cut in safe conditions. We also use old stock stones, purchased from retired lapidary artists or their families, saving these stones from a lifetime of storage. We also occasionally source stones from damaged jewelry.

This transition will take time, so check for individual stone information in each listing, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


waste practices

Metal studios can be dirty places, but even our floor dust can hold precious metals that can be recycled. A portion of studio sweeps (dust, metal shavings, and trash containing metal - like sandpaper) are collected and donated to Sweeps for CERF. This program, through Rio Grande, refines and distributes precious metal "sweeps" to provide emergency support to artists. 

Inevitably, some of our materials and supplies come packaged in plastic bags or on plastic spools, which are not curbside recyclable. When possible we purchase supplies in bulk to minimize this waste source. These materials are saved to be later dropped off at an appropriate recycling facility, along with contaminated waste water.