mixed-metals labradorite layer necklace


Mystical blue-green labradorite in a layered necklace. Planes of sterling silver and brass are precisely stacked upon each other to create a multi-dimensional presence. The chain flows through the top of the piece, which is held together with rivers. 
The peekaboo back window offers the wearer a closer connection to the stone, and a creates another design element with the contrast of oxidized and bright silver.

  • sterling silver, brass, & labradorite 
  • no chain included - choose your own from our selection
  • pendant measures approx. 1.5” long

Caring for your natural stone jewelry:
- Store in a dry place and do not wear in water
- Avoid wearing during sports/vigorous activity
- Do not drop or knock against hard surfaces
- Clean gently with a jewelry polishing cloth, avoiding the stone and the darkened areas.