Intentionally handmade jewelry
with care to and inspiration from our planet.

Ground yourself in texture.
tune in to the pace of nature.

the essence of minerals
captured in metal

solid silver jewelry made with stone textures. translating surfaces of crystals into metal for an earthy + rough style.

sensory jewelry for slowing down

a collection of solid silver jewelry. inspired by long walks, meditative labyrinths, tree rings, fingerprints, brains, and all things squiggly.

Sustainability as a practice.

The jewelry and gemstone industries can be secretive and confusing. With Mirage Metals, you can stay true to your values and make informed purchasing decisions. Read about our efforts toward responsible sourcing, studio operations, and packaging.

In collaboration with the bees.

Certain pieces begin as simple blocks of sustainably-raised local beeswax. They are hand-modeled and carved, or melted and poured into molds. These wax models are then sent to our local casting partner and transformed into metal. And to think - it all began with the bees and the wildflowers.