meet the

contours collection

inspired by labyrinths, layers, curves, & contours. Meditative jewelry in recycled silver. Wandering, expanding, curious, & familiar.

behind the designs

the inspiration

The contours collection is based on the idea of physical reminders and grounding tools. Inspired by labyrinths and moving meditations. A labyrinth can come in all sizes - a garden pruned into a maze to walk through and contemplate life, or a small carved stone to hold as a reminder of the present. Whether you use yours specifically for meditation or just appreciate the texture, I hope these serve as allies on your journey.

the beeswax-y process

These pieces were individually sculpted by hand, beginning as chunks of Colorado beeswax. The wax models are transformed into metal using an ancient technique, called the lost wax casting process. Typically, this process involves the use of synthetic waxes. I took a few steps back in time, and instead brought these pieces to life using local beeswax.

Unique, organically textured silver jewelry, handmade in Fort Collins, Colorado.