Meet the Lithos Collection.

Mineral textures captured in metal.

A collection inspired by unique "fingerprints" and etchings on the surfaces of crystals. Textured silver jewelry pieces that honor the essence of minerals, made in recycled metal. Abstract, earthy, & ready to layer with ease.

Hand modeled in local beeswax.

This series began with a love of the natural textures and patterns formed on the surfaces of crystals. I created molds of mineral specimens from my personal collection, and used these molds to create wax models. The wax models are transformed into metal using an ancient technique, called the lost wax casting process. Typically, this process involves the use of synthetic petroleum-based waxes. I took a few steps back in time, and sourced local beeswax to create these pieces.

Unique, organically textured silver jewelry, handmade in Fort Collins, Colorado.