Through fire, grit, + force, I transform raw materials from our earth into wearable works of art - ready to melt into your daily routines + dreams.


The manipulation of metal through a range of techniques including sawing, filing, hammering, soldering, sanding, and polishing. These techniques are often repetitive, tedious, and detail-oriented. Patience and complete focus are required. Hand fabricated pieces begin as simple metal sheets and various wires & tubing.

lost wax casting

An ancient process transforming wax models into metal. Through a series of fiery steps, a temporary mold is poured around the model, the model is burned away, and molten metal pours into the cavity, filling into the shape of the original model. Once cooled, the metal can be polished, or integrated into a more complex design. I use a trusted partner to cast my wax models into metal, then I finish each piece by hand in the Mirage Metals studio.


The jewelry industry can be rough on our planet and its people. We prioritize ethical sourcing of minerals and metals, so you can get lost in dreamy designs while staying true to your values.

meet the metals

sterling silver

A timeless jewelry material.

If you like jewelry, you’re probably well acquainted with sterling silver. A versatile material with a long history of use, sterling silver is reliable, durable for daily wear, and maintains its appeal beyond the tides of trends. Sterling silver is often marked with a small stamp reading ".925". This is because sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, with a few other metals added to the mix for strength. It tarnishes over time as it is exposed to life and its elements. This natural oxidation shows up as darkness on the surface of your jewelry. No need to worry - tarnish is harmless and can be easily buffed away with a polishing cloth. Sterling silver is a classic for a reason, and since there is no plating to wear away, pieces last a lifetime when treated kindly.

argentium silver

Recycled silver with a low maintenance luster.

Sterling has stayed popular for good reason, but argentium silver is quickly becoming our new favorite. While they are very similar materials, the addition of geranium in argentium silver brings some unique perks.

Most notably, argentium stays bright longer than traditional sterling, and requires less frequent polishing. This is especially beneficial for chains, which can be tricky to polish if they become heavily tarnished, due to the tight spaces.

While it is rare, some people are unable to wear sterling silver due to skin sensitivities. They may enjoy argentium silver as a hypoallergenic alternative.

Along with those benefits, argentium is always made using recycled silver content. While I believe recycled metal has its merits, I am also aware that it is not a complete answer to the question of sustainability in jewelry. Because of this, I seek out other sustainability strategies as well.

14k gold fill

A quality, affordable alternative to solid gold.

Simply put, gold filled metal is the step between gold plating and solid gold. Gold fill refers to a core of brass with a layer of gold pressure bonded to the outside. Unlike gold plated metals, gold fill metal is a regulated material, required to be 5% gold by weight. Avoid using polishing cloths on gold-fill, as they contain a mild abrasive that can wear away the outer layer of gold. Instead, use a soft cloth or wash with mild soap and water. 

We love gold-fill because you get many of the benefits of gold, without the heavy price and environmental impacts.

chains + components

All of our chains, clasps, and other small findings are made in the US or Italy.

Starting 2023, I am excited to offer an argentium chain option alongside my sterling silver favorites. Clasps and findings on argentium chains are also made of argentium silver. We will continue to add more recycled options.

stone sourcing

People are naturally drawn to stones. There's just something about a neat looking rock... As I've grown more familiar with purchasing stones, I've also begun to question the social and environmental impacts of our collections. The mining and cutting industries can be secretive and dangerous, making ethical sourcing an ongoing consideration. 

It is my priority to create jewelry that supports the fair treatment of the people involved along each point in the supply chain. 

We select stones based on the traceability of origin and cutting. At times designs use rough stones, which do not require cutting and polishing - an area of concern over worker wellbeing, due to the dust involved. Stones that have been cut and polished come from independent US-based lapidary artists, or an ethical supplier that uses their own safe stone-cutting facilities.

Occasionally, we design with "old stock" cabochons, purchased from retired artists or collectors. This breathes a new life into materials that may have been lost in storage otherwise. 

While I have updated my purchasing criteria, it will take time before each piece meets these standards. It is important to me to be transparent in this transition, so check for individual stone information in each listing, and please reach out with any questions.

I do not recommend wearing stones in water. Whether it be the salt of the ocean or your favorite soap in a bath - moisture and the elements within may cause discoloration or dull the luster of natural stones.

View the ethical stone collection here.

plastic free packaging

Each order is carefully packaged to arrive on your doorstep in low-waste, eco-friendly style. Every piece of the shipping puzzle has been considered, and is either made from natural fiber + reusable, or fully recyclable. 

We use recycled shipping boxes from EcoEnclose, which is a local Colorado business, and seal them up with plastic-free kraft paper tape. Our care and contact cards are printed on 100% recycled kraft paper.

Each order includes a cotton pouch and jewelry box. The cotton pouches were dyed with natural cutch bark and black mallow flowers by local artist Indigo & Goldenrod. Each one is a unique work of art and I am so excited to share them with you.

Our customized jewelry boxes are made from FSC-certified paperboard, with a simple logo imprint. The protective cushion inside is made from a wood-pulp material instead of the usual synthetic foam found in most jewelry boxes. I searched for a long time before finding this alternative, and am so glad we held out for it.

studio practices

I work with care and intention to avoid unnecessary waste. I use every scrap of metal that I can, and save any leftovers that are too small to use to be refined and recycled. Even with care, jewelry studios are dirty places, and precious metals are found in unexpected spots - like our floor dust and paper towels. Studio sweeps (dust, metal shavings, and waste containing even a small amount of metal) are collected and donated to a program which refines precious metal to raise funds for emergency support to artists (Sweeps for CERF). 

Inevitably, some materials and supplies arrive packaged in plastic bags or on plastic spools, which are not curbside recyclable. I do my best to reuse these, and when possible I purchase supplies in bulk to minimize this waste source. I save any recyclable plastics to drop off at our local center.

meet the maker

Hey there - I'm Jess, the designer and maker behind Mirage Metals. I grew up collecting rocks, at times giving them googlie eyes and cardboard-box homes. Without thinking much of it, I began working at a crystal shop while I was in college for interior design & architecture. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by giant amethyst towers and quartz-encrusted geodes, and my love of rocks was rekindled. I craved a change from my computer-centered coursework, so in my last year of school I enrolled in a metalsmithing class. I was quickly captivated by the intricate processes that bring life to a seemingly rigid material. It felt serendipitous to find an art form that also aligned with my love of natural stones, so I stuck with it. I continue to learn about new tools and techniques, and love exploring ideas on a smaller scale through handmade jewelry & object design.