Meet Mirage Metals! Jewelry and semi-practical objects. Inspired by the relationships between self and space. Rebranding was a big decision, but one I was ready for and am thrilled about!
My old business name fuse93 was with me through several phases of creating. For as long as I can remember, I've been creating different forms of art. I have always been interested in sharing my creations, and bringing ideas across the threshold into reality - I just haven't always had a clear focus. I started out designing enamel pins and stickers, and have been slowly finding my way to now, a place where my business looks quite different from where it began. My two hands now play the main role in each piece, whether it is hand fabricated from sheet metal and tubing, or modeled in beeswax.
It was time for a fresh start, with a name that reflects the handmade metal direction I’ve taken! I’m so happy to make the jump into this next chapter, with a renewed focus on sustainability. Thank you so much for your support so far, and being excited about this transition with me.
With this transition, I am working to be a more sustainable metalsmith. While large corporations are responsible for the majority of environmental damage these days, I still want to be as aware of my own impact as possible. I create each item carefully, using quality materials, so that they will never end up in a landfill. While jewelry can last decades or more if cared for, it can also be broken down to recycle the metals if it reaches the end of its life.
Beyond that, my stone sourcing going forward will focus on traceable minerals, meaning the location of the mine and cutting are known (and safe). It will take time to transition to fully-transparent stone sourcing, so check individual listings for stone information and reach out with any questions.
Studio practices are also being refined, including waste practices and material choices. Instead of toxic pickling solutions, I have started using citric acid, which is much safer for people and the planet. At the end of last year, I invested in a new dust collection machine, which will help me save every bit of precious metal to be refined into fresh material. The beauty of metal is that it can be recycled repeatedly without losing quality! So I collect every bit of waste I can, and donate a portion of studio sweeps (trash containing metal) to artist relief.
We are always open to feedback, and see sustainability as an important, ongoing effort that goes hand in hand with creating art.
With love,

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