Jewelry Care

About tarnish
Tarnish is a layer of darkening that naturally occurs on the surface of unplated metals. The speed depends on factors like the humidity and climate of your home, skin chemistry, and lifestyle. When possible, we use a certified recycled, tarnish-resistant type of silver, which which stays brighter longer than traditional sterling. Exposure to moisture and chemicals may speed up this process, so avoid leaving your jewelry at the bathroom sink. You may find joy in watching your piece age with you, but no worries if you prefer its original shine! Tarnish can be easily removed with a gentle rub from a polishing cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners on jewelry with stones. Store chains in a dry, sealed baggie to prevent tarnish, as chains are one thing that can be quite difficult to polish. 
Maintenance over time
Mirage Metals jewelry is handmade to last, but should be treated with care and worn mindfully for longevity. It is made with natural stones and metals, after all! Pieces with stones should be treated with extra care. Stones may be susceptible to breaking, changing color, or losing their shine if they are not treated kindly. It is best practice to remove jewelry with stones before washing your hands or showering. Chemicals like lotions and chlorine can damage soft stones over time. Apply sunscreen, oils, and body products before putting on jewelry. Jewelry should be the final step as you get ready.

Pieces worn daily may need some love over time, as the ups and downs of life make their mark. If you ever notice a stone becoming loose or any cracks in the metal, please pause wear of the piece and reach out so we can prevent any further damage. Things happen, and they can usually be mended. While I do not offer all types of repair, I am happy to take a look at pictures and offer advice or a referral if the time ever comes. The best maintenance is to prevent damage from happening in the first place. Always remove jewelry before rough activities like gardening, baking treats, moving heavy furniture, or swimming in rivers. Treat your new piece like the wearable art it is, and it will serve you for years to come.