silver labyrinth ring • size 8.5


Handmade textured silver ring. 



  • Length of design: 0.8” (21mm)
  • Width of design: 0.6” (16mm)
  • Ring band approximately 2mm thick


  • Solid certified recycled, tarnish-resistant silver. Made in Fort Collins, Colorado.

About this Collection:

The contours collection is based on the idea of physical reminders and grounding tools. Inspired by labyrinths and tools used in meditation. Meditation is of course a mental exercise, but it can be hard to ground into, especially at the beginning. It can feel too floaty or abstract at times. So I was intrigued when I learned about the use of physical touch tools and labyrinths, that can be walked through as a moving form of meditation. Whether you use it for specifically for meditation or just appreciate the texture, I hope these can serve as an ally on your journey.

This collection was made using the lost wax casting process. Each piece is first hand modeled in natural beeswax, then transformed into recycled metal, replacing the shape of the model.